Inspired by nature's healing plants and our ability to take wellness into our own hands, Stone Row Apothecary was born in a mother's kitchen. Brewing teas, steeping herbs in oil, and blending those oils into salves to create nourishing herbal products became an empowering way to soothe sick children and help friends and family live their best life.

Owner Amy Cyman lives in Baltimore, Maryland (Charm City!). Her love of plant magic started in her father's vegetable garden, picking warm tomatoes and strawberries straight from the plant. A student of vitalist herbalism, Amy is inspired to share the healing energy of plants with everyone - empowering people with the knowledge that plants are here to bring us all closer to being our highest selves. Stone Row Apothecary creates products in small batches, with love and intention. Amy also loves to consult with clients who want to learn how to use herbs to improve their physical and mental well-being, how to grow herbs in their own garden, or how to create medicine from plants. Both individual consultations and group workshops available upon request. Contact her at to set up a consultation.