Salves & Serums

When extra healing is needed, our salves come to the rescue. Light enough to absorb quickly, but rich enough to deeply penetrate rough, dry skin - it's just what you need to keep your skin soft and supple. Our small batch calendula infused grape seed oil is the base for our salves, and shea butter and beeswax add layers of additional protection. Our Everything Everywhere Salve is also lightly scented with lavender essential oil. Use it daily on face and body.

Rose Serum

Roses have been used in cosmetics for centuries, and for good reason. The anti-bacterial, and-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties of rose essential oil are a perfect match for our rich-yet-light facial serum. We use our calendula oil as the base, and add jojoba oil for added benefits. It's our favorite morning and night facial routine!